PAC12 Football: A Cursory Visual Analysis

An analysis of varying football metrics utilizing visualization methods in ggplot2 & plotly.

Wheatseeds - Machine Learning Classifiers

R Markdown of a quick ML Classifier tutorial utilizing Support Vector Machines, and RF.

Aggregating Data With Uniform structures

Tutorial on writing an R script that appends multiple data files into a single data frame.

Austin Cafe Reviews: Text Based Analysis With TidyText and TidyVerse

An introduction to Sentiment Analysis in R using Yelp data from Austin coffee houses.

Building an Intuitive API Wrapper - US Commodities

Application Programming Interfaces or APIs make it easy to access data from external systems, but repeated calls could prove to be somewhat cumbersome. In some situations, it may save a lot of time if you construct an API wrapper...

Carpark Vacancy in Singapore: A Geo-Spatial Analysis

Singapore Car Park Vacancy Patterns - Building a tool to help Singaporean drivers make informed decisions.

Climate Matching: Seeking a Mediterranean-Like Climate in The US

An introduction to weather analysis using tidyr, rnoaa, and Tableau.

First Responder Data 1 - Setting Up a Simple Automated ETL Data Pipeline of Public Safety Data Using Apache Airflow and RDS On AWS

A brief article outlining the implementation of a simple ETL work flow utilizing Apache Airflow.

Ham Or Spam GLM/Random Forest Classifiers & Model Evaluation

Introduction to building and evaluating GLM & RF classification models using caret.

Hotel Cancellations: A Business Application of Machine Learning

Outlining a machine learning application for predicting hotel cancellations, allowing hotel business to overbook accordingly.

Introduction to Programming in R: Writing and Calling Functions

An introduction to programming in R. How function writing can help simplify code and increase productivity in your analytic worklflow.

Lordsburg Probe Study

We deployed 25 temperature data loggers to Lordsburg NM, with the intention of identifying locations on recently acquired land that may suffer from recurring freezing after budbreak.

Pipes: Not Just for Hipsters and Plumbers

A quick primer about pipe operators in R.

Predicting Missed Transcriber Deadlines With SciKit-Learn ML Classifiers.

Predicting missed deadlines of freelance transcribers via feature engineering and SK Learn.

Simple and Multiple Linear Regression Models - Inference, Simpson's Paradox, Parallel Slopes, etc.

Simple and multiple linear regression in R, Simpson's paradox, parallel lines, parallel planes, and parameter inference.

Titanic Survivors

Successfully predict the survival status of passengers by numerous variables such as the passenger class, sex, etc.